Partners and contributions

Beihang University: WSWF
XService Workflow is a Web Service combination process modeling tool based on BPEL1.0, that provides graphic interface for Web Service recursive combination, description, publish and deployment. The inner Web Service workflow engine adopt BPEL combination description and traditional workflow, process recursive combination invocation among Web Services flexibly, and provide relevant monitor mechanism.

contact: Sun Dou

ISCAS: OncePI and OnceBPEL
As an Integration-Oriented business process management system, OncePI provides a platform to construct dynamic process flexibly and efficiently. OncePI realizes the control of whole life cycle of the business process through (1) separating process logic from the application that implements the business, (2) coordinating the relations among process participants, (3) integrating internal and external resources, and (4) monitoring and analyzing the process performance.

contact: Song Jingyu

Bull: Bonita
Bonita is a flexible cooperative workflow system, compliant to WfMC specifications, based on the workflow model proposed by the ECOO Team, which incorporates the anticipation of activities as a more flexible mechanism of workflow execution.

contact: Miguel VALDES FAURA


  • Common BPEL engine: integrate Bull, BUAA and ISCAS BPEL engines.
  • Common Workflow engine: integrate Bonita, XService workflow and OncePI.
  • Tools: graphical editors for BPEL, BPM.


Open Source BPM suite proposal by Miguel Valdes, Bull.

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