Service Oriented Grid Middleware

Scope and Objectives

Improve interoperability of Grid Middleware and define the new generation Grid middleware to fully support the concept of Service-oriented Knowledge Utility (SOKU) as defined by NGG3.


Beihang University

Contact: HU Chunming


  • ProActive is a GRID Java library (Source code under LGPL license) for parallel, distributed, and concurrent computing, also featuring mobility and security in a uniform framework. With a reduced set of simple primitives, ProActive provides a comprehensive API to simplify the programming of Grid Computing applications: distributed on Local Area Network (LAN), on clusters of workstations, or on Internet Grids.
Contact: Denis Caromel


Contact: Pascal Bisson


  • Combine ProActive, CROWN and WebSase: export Active Objects, Distributed Components (Fractal) as WS and WSRF.
  • Welcome BUAA's student in INRIA Nice to work on the project ProActive/CROWN
  • Collaboration in the line of the Provenance project.
  • Grid Plugtest