The goal of the cooperation between OrientWare and ObjectWeb is to build together the next generation of open source adaptable middleware.

It is widely anticipated that future ubiquitous computing environments will be highly dynamic, subject to constant changes and of ever-increasing complexity. This in turn motivates the construction of dynamically configurable software infrastructures to provide a consistent, systematic basis for system evolution, control and management.

The goal of the collaboration would be twofold:

  • a/ to extend and improve the architectural work undertaken in ObjectWeb and Orientware to evolve the ObjectWeb Fractal component technology towards a model providing a full-fledge integration of AOP and components, with linguistic support (e.g. ADL) for dynamically evolving architectures, and the support of architecture constraints, taking in particular into account insights gained with Orientware developments around the U. of Beijing ABC component model, and the National Defense U. around CCM.
  • b/ to develop a new generation of middleware components for the ObjectWeb code base, providing in particular enough foundations for the assembly of a complete, highly modular, standards compliant "SOA stack", as well as a component-based re-engineeering of major ObjectWeb code base elements such as JOnAS and JORAM to provide support for different environments and mission critical applications. This should benefit in particular from the expertise gained in Beihang U. on the development of a Web service stack, and that on J2EE developed at U. of Beijing and ISCAS.

Collaboration framework

Cooperation agreement signed in Shanghai on november 4 2005: mou-ow2-final.pdf

In order to build the next generation of open source component based middleware technologies ObjectWeb and Orientware agree to set up a Technology Committee composed of experts from both side to manage and coordinate overall technical and promotional aspects of the cooperation.

The technology committee will set up joint projects on topics of common interest such as component models, web services, workflow, transactions, J2EE, autonomous management, CCM and Grid computing. Common contributions will be released as open source under LGPL licence.

ObjectWeb offers to Orientware its experience in collaborative effort and to provide a collaborative environment to foster common developments and shared knowledge. Orientware offers to ObjectWeb its experience and resources to the cooperation and agrees to release several of its middleware components in open source (LGPL): PKUAS, StarCCM, XLinker, WSWF and OnceTX.

The partners will use open source for dissemination and transfer of the results of the cooperation to the industry.