Transaction processing in component based middleware

Scope and objectives

This working group deals with advanced transaction models and transaction frameworks to implement the models.
What is required is a component framework which defines basic transaction mechanisms that can be customised to support a given extended transaction model, ensuring interoperability across existing transaction managers.

Partners and code base

Bull: JoTM
JOTM delivers a Java Open Source implementation of the JTA APIs.

IsTX is a transaction monitor that follows X/Open DTP model, can develop, deploy, monitor and manages transaction-process application system based on three layer architecture.

Contact: Zhang Xin

GoTM is a Fractal component-based framework for building various transaction services. GoTM support the construction of transaction engine based on one standard (e.g. Java Transaction Service) or multiple standard (e.g. Java Transaction Service and Object Transaction Service).

contact: Romain ROUVOY


  • Combine IsTX and GoTM, by using ETM TX engine outside of J2EE to complement GoTM framework.