Service Oriented Architecture

Partners and Contributions

Beihang University

The XService project is composed of the following components:

  • XService workflow is a Web Service combination process modeling tool based on BPEL1.0, that provides graphic interface for Web Service recursive combination, description, publish and deployment. The inner Web Service workflow engine adopt BPEL combination description and traditional workflow, process recursive combination invocation among Web Services flexibly, and provide relevant monitor mechanism.
  • XService registry is a service regiestry center based on UDDI2.0, provides web interface and soap message interface for user query and publish web service.
  • XService server is a standalone web services container with multiple transports, it's based on soap and wsdl, support web service lifecycle such as development, deployment, access.
contact: LIU Jian

National University of Defense Technology

  • StarWebService is an independent platform for developing, deploying, managing and running Web Services.
contact: ZHOU Bin

ObjectWeb ESBi (IONA, EBMWebsourcing, OpenWide, Bull, etc)

  • Celtix ESB is an open source initiative to deliver a Java enterprise service bus (ESB) to simplify the integration and flexible reuse of technical and business components using a standards based, service-oriented architecture(SOA). Celtix defines a runtime and extensibility API for constructing, integrating and re-using these SOA ESB services. The project will address ESB integration of J2EE and Java POJO applications based on open web service contract abstraction (based on WSDL).
  • The PETALS Services Platform will provide a distributed open source implementation of Java Business Integration (JBI) spec as a core element to build ObjectWeb ESB solutions, leveraging existing Consortium's components. It's fully acknowledged that the original ESB idea is tightly related with a distributed integration approach, in which JBI containers running on different JVMs are interconnected, where enterprise can benefits of scaling it pervasively across business boundaries.
  • The S4ALL SDK project intends to provide an Open-Source Software Development Kit to build a Java standard based service oriented platform based on ObjectWeb projects. The platform will work on top of JOnAS. This initiative will be led by INRIA as part of the S4All European project and will be supported by other S4All participants.The project is a qualified and coherent set of OW projects and components.
contact: Alain BOULZE


  • Integrate Orientware projects in S4All SDK.
  • Provide a web service container for JBI environment: integrate XLinker in Petals. Discussions on the subject take place on xservice at