STICAsie project accepted: middleware for ubiquitous environment

INRIA (Sardes and Jacquard teams), Peking University, National University and the Vietnamese Open Source Resource Center will work together in the scope of the STIC Asie programme of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The project has two main objectives: a collaboration objective and a scientific objective. The collaboration objective of the project is to improve mutual understanding, and to foster the exchanges of ideas, technologies and researchers among the different teams of the proect. The scientific objective is to develop the software base - the middleware - for ubiquitous computing infrastructures addressing the scientific and technical challenges, which arise from the wide variety of applications and services that need to be supported.

Partners will first focus on extending and improving the architectural work undertaken at each partner level to develop a reflective component-based software architecture for distributed middleware and to engineer common platforms such as CCM based on flexible middleware components to provide support for different environments and mission critical applications.